Mesh Vocoder :: Preview

Mesh Vocoder is a phase vocoding, sonographic mesh playback tool built in Max/Jitter. It allows the modulation of a mesh to filter incoming and generated audio. For modulation sources, both oscillator and webcam input can be used.

This work is heavily inspired by Tadej Droljc’s sonographic sound processing dissertation, where he explores spectrally processing audio in real-time using visual manipulations of the audio sample.

Click here to read more about this work and download all the Max patchers.

Watch the video to learn more.

Music used: Red Open Heart by Culprate

This is currently a work-in-progress project


  • Hi, congratulation on your amazing work. The Mesh Vocoder looks fantastic. If you need any beta testers I will be glad to help. Anyway please keep me updated about the project. Thanks

  • Amazing stuff, I’d love to beta test it too.
    This would sound amazing with the MIDI controllers I’m developing with inertial sensors

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