Mesh Vocoder :: Preview

Mesh Vocoder is a phase vocoding, sonographic mesh playback tool built in Max/Jitter. It allows the modulation of a mesh to filter incoming and generated audio. For modulation sources, both oscillator and webcam input can be used.

This work is heavily inspired by Tadej Droljc’s sonographic sound processing¬†dissertation, where he explores spectrally processing audio in real-time using visual manipulations of the audio sample.

Click here to read more about this work and download all the Max patchers.

Watch the video to learn more.

Music used: Red Open Heart by Culprate

This is currently a work-in-progress project

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  • Hi, congratulation on your amazing work. The Mesh Vocoder looks fantastic. If you need any beta testers I will be glad to help. Anyway please keep me updated about the project. Thanks

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