Sound Design / Video

During my BA Fine Art (Sound) at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and as a hobby, I do the occasional sound design or video editing project.

I gave myself a challenge to remix a YouTube video into a music piece. The idea was to use parts of the audio from the video to create a music track (made in Cubase), and then edit the video to match those edited audio sections.

This was my final project for my sound design course at RMIT. I found this awesome video Alexander Lehmann that was used as a video clip for Exodus by Noisia and thought it’d be a great project to strip the music and build the entire sound track from scratch.

For this project, I worked with Glenn Hatton (animator) to create an original score and sound design for his Masters animation project. Starting with a bumbling piano piece, it quickly turns into a frantic chase scene that was begging for a custom drum and bass sound track.

My very first video sound design piece was due on the second week of my sound design course at RMIT (BA Fine Arts: Sound). I pretty much dedicated the week to producing the most glitchy, and highly articulated sound design I could muster. The video is one of Benjamin Ducroz‘s very early pieces.