Chris Vik is an Australian media artist and creative developer with a practice that focuses on interactive and generative audio/visual installations, performance and software. His experience lies predominately with motion capture devices such as the Kinect and Leap Motion sensors.

In 2012 Chris completed a three-year BA of Fine Art in Sound at RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia). It’s the same year that he formed Ethno Tekh with visual artist and coder Brad Hammond, and between the years of 2012 and 2015 produced installations, performances, and software utilities that embody the sense of play within creativity. A list of their works are available at the Ethno Tekh website.

Since 2011, Chris has been investigating how interactive music systems can be used to enhance the creative experience, with a focus on the interplay between interaction and algorithmic process. In that time he has performed with his motion capture system at over 30 events, including Seattle Science Festival (2012), CeBit 2013 (Germany) and Republika 2013 (Croatia); and has developed a number of synthesisers and tools dealing with various synthesis techniques and control mechanics.

Visit the Ethno Tekh website for more information on those projects