I work primarily in Max/MSP/Jitter/MaxForLive to create tools and synthesisers that revolve around the concept of interactivity in sound and music creation.

All of the tools and synths below have been designed and developed by myself. For the moment they are hosted on the Ethno Tekh website.

Grain Plane (free, but requires Leap Motion and "Tekh Tonic" controller software)

2D granular synthesiser, controlled by Tekh Tonic, Ethno Tekh’s Leap-Motion controller software.

Tekh Map (free)

A set of powerful Max For Live devices that allow the use of OSC in Ableton Live; generating both notes and parameter control

Kinectar (free, but discontinued)

My original Kinect MIDI controller software from 2011. Only works with particular skeletal tracking software. Superseded by Tekh Map.

Girthy Hertz (free)

OSC based synthesiser with power mapping system. Map any parameter to any other parameter!

Data Racket (free)

Audio analysis software that outputs OSC.