Max/MSP Test 02 :: (message) vs [trigger]/[prepend]

The Test

There’s been a lot of hearsay about whether or not the (message) object is efficient or not – why not just test it?

The test works like my previous execution tests, slamming 100,000 bangs/values as quickly as possible, and timing how long that takes to run through the given test.

This is a simple comparison in a very specific use case: creating a known value (and pair of values) using only the (message) and [trigger]/[prepend] objects.

Let’s find out which method is faster!


(single value) Message16
(single value) Trigger4
(two values) Message19
(two values) Trigger/Prepend9
(use case) Message31
(use case) Trigger/Prepend20



I suggest downloading the patch and having it open while you read this section. Alternatively, open the image of the test above to follow as you go.

Click on the tabs below to display each category of the test…

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