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How Does It Work?

This experiment takes in webcam image and turns it into a 3D mesh, then glitches it out based on audio level. (see my first Selfie Sunday tutorial for a full video guide on how to turn your webcam into a mesh).

Everything is automated via the “loudness” value from the audio input system.

The Frame Buffer Glitching simply stores the last 40 frames of webcam image, and only plays them back when the loudness reaches a threshold – where it then randomly jumps through the frames – meant to enhance the louder, more frantic moments in music.

Otherwise, the image goes through a smoothing process in order to suit more ambient moments of music.

The webcam image is then stored as a texture to colour the mesh at the end. It’s also turned into a luminance image, and put into the 5 plane matrix to prepare it for the [jit.gen] – where the luminance value then deforms the z position of the mesh.

The BFG noise deformation matrix is also sent into the [jit.gen] object to morph the x and y vertex positions of the mesh.

The patch in all its glory. It's actually not that complicated.

The Music In The Clip

Excerpt of “Tiny Moon” by Woulg – from his EP “Tiny Moon” being released on April 17th, 2016


  • Thanks Chris, this is a really well designed patch with incredible information for learning. I really appreciate your efforts, thanks so much.


  • Hello,

    I am really interested in your glitch face patch. I was wondering which part do I change to attach my audio file, i know you’ve commented on the patch ‘change to desired audio input’ but which element to I change, or do I just drag my sound in and add an audio input and output?

    Kind Regards
    Sasha Pitale

    • Hi Sasha – yes, of course. Try using the [sfplay~] object. Disconnect the [adc~] from the [+~], instead plugging in the outlets from [sfplay~]. Note: Make sure to instantiate sfplay as [sfplay~ 2], giving the player 2 audio channels.

  • amazing patch!

    i can’t hear anything when I download it and try and use it. What am i doing wrong?

  • Hello, I really like this patch, I’m quite new to Jitter and was wondering how you would reaplce the webcam feed with recorded video? Any help would be great

  • Hi Chris! Loving this patch, but as a complete max beginner, I have a question to ask. How can i write a file to disk from the patch, containing both audio and video? I’ve tried using jit.record and other objects, but I’m lost at how to do it properly.

    Kind regards
    Timo Tikka

  • Hello,

    This is excellent. How could someone record the output? Sorry – I am new to this!

  • Hi Chris – I’m new to max/msp/jitter and I’m just trying to connect my audio interface as the input. Simply changing the input to my interface has no effect and neither does the internal microphone. I imagine I’m just making some mistake and any help would be appreciated.

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